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To Trundle or not to Trundle?

To Trundle or not to Trundle Header

Trundle beds are a popular choice for the guest room and children's bedrooms. They are featured in different sizes but are popular in Twin size. The trundle bed is an excellent choice for storing extra bedding and as an extra bed for sleepovers. Trundle beds do not require a special mattress or sheets as they use the standard twin size configuration. These beds are excellent for apartments that lack space for a separate guest bed. When paired with a day bed, a trundle bed can maximize both space and comfort. They are constructed from wood, metal or cast iron.

What Makes a Trundle Bed?

Coaster Sophie 400101F Full Panel Bed with Trundle

There are two major components that make up a trundle bed:

  • Link Spring
  • Trundle

Link Spring

The link spring is the mechanism that attaches itself to the headboard and footboard and hold up the mattress. The link spring provides enough support to hold a mattress without a box spring.


There are two types of trundle beds:

  1. Pull-out Trundle
  2. Pop Up Trundle

The pull-out trundle is the most common and popular design for trundle beds. These trundle beds feature a drawer front to the trundle bed which pulls out on rollers or casters. Most of these trundles are constructed from wood.

The pop up trundle is typically constructed of steel tubing and is designed to rise up to the level of the bed. Pop-up trundles provide more flexibility when you need to move the bed from room to room.

Ideal for Children's Bedrooms

Trundle beds are especially beneficial for children's rooms. They provide ample space for storing extra bedding, toys and other personal items. The major benefit of using a trundle bed in your child's room is the extra bed which doesn't take up any space when not in use. Children will inevitably have friends over for a sleepover and lack of bedding may cause a problem. No one enjoys sleeping on the floor. With the convenient feature of a bed that can be used as needed, you get two beds for the price of one. Most trundle beds feature a thinner mattress, which means they are not ideal for older people or those with back problems. However, they are perfectly suited for children.

Boy and Dog Reading in Bed

Trundle Beds for Adults

Depending on the style, trundle beds can also be turned into a chaise lounge or daybed in the guestroom. When required, you can quickly roll out the second bed. Some trundle beds also feature extra storage compartments or drawers, which provide exceptional storage space for bedding or other items. Lack of space is no longer a problem when using this type of bed, especially for families living in a smaller house or apartment.

Man Sound Asleep on Guest Bed

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