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The TV Room Redefined

The TV Room Redefined Header
1959 Phillips Predicta Television

As TVs become smaller and lighter, they are quickly finding their way into most people's bedrooms. Flat panel TV's hang on walls above dressers,and smaller TV's are tucked away in armoires. There are many reasons why adults choose to put a TV in their bedrooms. Many people enjoy the comfort and convenience of turning on the news in the morning or falling asleep to their favorite show or movie. The TV can provide white noise to help people fall asleep.Here are the top reasons why people have a TV in the bedroom:

  1. The white noise from the TV helps them fall asleep.
  2. One of them is ill and the TV provides company.
  3. Couples differ on their choices of programming; two TV’s alleviate that problem.
  4. It’s relaxing, entertaining and helps people unwind at the end of the day.

With TV's becoming thinner and easily portable, most people opt to buy a second TV specifically for their bedroom. Certainly most people wouldn't get an entertainment center or home theater system to put in their bedroom. Here are a few popular places for placing your TV.


The top of the dresser is one of the most popular places for placing a TV. Most flat panel TV’s are light enough to easily rest atop the dresser, which may be placed directly in front of the bed.

Old TV on a Dresser


TV in a Wood Armoire

Certain armoires are specifically designed to hold TV’s and include a pull out tray. The armoire is a convenient way to store your TV in a secure place. Doors help conceal the TV and other media equipment when not in use.


Plasma Television on the Wall

Since the days of 200 pound TV's are over, thinner and lighter TV's are finding their way onto walls. Wall mounting the TV in your bedroom opens up the options to move furniture around, without having to worry about wires or expensive equipment.

Adults have been shown to spend more time in the bedroom than the living room during the evening and when they are about to fall asleep. Although there are certain cons to having a TV in the bedroom, the overall consensus is that it shouldn't be the focal point of your bedroom. The comfort of laying in bed, on a soft mattress and the beauty the bedroom furniture supplies makes the bedroom the perfect place to unwind and recharge for the next day. The TV is a part of most people's lives and helps keep them connected with what's going on outside their bedroom.

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