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Bedroom Resources: Modern Baby Must-Haves

Modern Baby Must Haves Header

All mothers can relate to the new and overwhelming stress that comes with pregnancy. As a new mother, or a mother having another child, it is important to remember that fresh technologies have surfaced over the last couple of years. These wonderful and innovative new products relieve anxiety by providing a helping hand. Feel more calmly about pregnancy and consider the following modern baby must haves to enjoy the experience even more.

Baby Monitors

Both audio and video baby monitors provide an added feeling of security for new parents. Instead of needing to check to hear when the baby is fussy or waking up, the baby monitor can transmit sound or show a live feed of the baby’s crib. Baby Girl with Pink MonitorIt is extra helpful to have a baby monitor in the middle of the night when they wake up to feed again. Adding a baby monitor can increase parent’s time for space and recuperation.

  • Wireless Intercoms & Baby Monitors
  • Baby Monitors
  • Wireless Baby Monitor

4moms Goodnight Sleep Trainer

One of the hardest lessons all new parent’s have to learn is when to coddle and when to take a step back. Babies need a lot of love, time and affection, but they also must learn proper sleep cycles. Humans are born naturally knowing how to sleep, but when to sleep has to be taught. This new product keeps track of how long the baby sleeps and cries and helps determine when it is time to allow them to cry it out or to be comforted.

  • 4moms Goodnight Sleep Trainer
  • Crying Baby
  • Cry it Out?

Bottle Warming Systems And Baby Wipes Warming Systems

Bottle warming systems allow parents the time saving and safer opportunity of heating bottles to the correct temperature. Unlike microwaves and stove top heat, Old Fashioned Bottle Warmer Cupbottle warmers make breast milk and formula the perfect heat for babies to drink. Baby wipe warming systems are similar, as they heat wipes for diaper changes. Having the right temperature can make a world’s difference because a baby’s skin is so sensitive.

  • Feeding the One-Month Old
  • Feeding Your Infant
  • Warmer

Dirty Diaper Disposal System

Nothing is worse than coming home to the smell of dirty diapers. Luckily there are dirty diaper disposal systems perfect for hiding and storing dirty diapers until the next trash day. Keep them next to the diaper changing station for a quick diaper transfer. Easily sanitized with household cleaners, these are the most healthy and trusted option for new parents.

  • Caring for Your New Baby
  • Diaper Pails
  • Choose the Best Pail

Bath Tub Seat

Water safety is very important to review prior to having a baby. There is nothing more important than remaining present and close to the tub when a child is bathing. Bath tub seats are a perfect way for children to have more fun in the bath and for parents to feel more at ease. They help prevent slipping, falling and even drowning while in the bathtub.

  • Bathtub Drownings (PDF)
  • Take Care Brochure Water (PDF)
  • Baby Bath Seats
  • Happy Baby in Bathtub

Cabinet Locks, Outlet Covers and Child Gates

Childproofing a home can be inexpensive and easy, though it is vital for all new parents. Cabinet locks keep babies away from harsh cleaners that can hurt them. Outlet covers prevent tiny hands from being electrocuted in a light socket. Child gates can be put up to stop children from climbing stairs, getting into technology and for keeping out pets.

  • 12 Safety Devices (PDF)
  • Childproofing
  • Celebrate Baby Safety

Breast Feeding Pumps

Manual Breast Pump with Red Bulb

Convenient and cost effective, breast feeding pumps are very popular around women. New mothers are able to breastfeed at their own convenience by pumping their milk and saving it for when the baby is hungry. When traveling or working, mothers can use breast pumps so formula is not needed. Also, when lactating it can be difficult to determine milk quantities, so having an extra breast pump on hand can be a great precaution.

  • Breast Pumps
  • Comparison of manual and electric breast pumps
  • Pumps and Breastfeeding Equipment
  • Benefits and Risks

Pacifier Sanitizer

Pacifiers are one of the best ways to calm a baby down. Unfortunately babies have the habit of screaming, crying, yelling or just dropping pacifiers on the ground. Not wanting to put the dirty pacifier in the baby’s mouth and needing the comfort for the child as well, pacifier sanitizers can be perfect for on the go. Conveniently cleaning the pacifier, parents can quickly provide relief in stressful situations.

  • Sanitizing and Disinfecting (PDF)
  • Let’s Keep It Clean (PDF)
  • Effectiveness of Common Cleaning Methods (PDF)
  • Maintaining Sanitary Conditions (PDF)

Automatic Cradle Swing

Baby in Cradle Swing in Motion

Mothers love rocking their new babies, but they might not always have the time. Sometimes babies take a long time to relax and get to bed. Luckily there are new automatic cradle swings. Providing a soothing, rocking motion babies crave, automatic swings are a great substitute to the mother’s touch. There are even new models that include soothing music for added comfort.

  • Essential Baby Products
  • Baby Swings

Jump and Learn Activity Centers

Allowing the baby to play while having them in a seat, the jump and learn activity centers strengthen leg muscles. They also isolate the child so they do not wander off or get into anything. These are perfect when working, talking on the phone, doing laundry, or all other hands free tasks. Staying in sight of the baby is still vital, though jump and learn activity centers provide a fun and entertaining way to keep babies busy.

  • Jump & Learn
  • Baby Gear Review