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The Meaning behind Common Dreams

The Meaning of Common Dreams Header

Many people dream but strangely, not everybody remembers the dreams, after some time. Even the most impressionistic dreams are likely to be forgotten through the months or years. Yet, there are some common dreams which may be dreamed by most people though they probably cannot remember the specific details. Have you ever dreamed that you are flying or falling? Have you ever dreamed that you are being chased? What do these dreams mean? Everybody has their own thoughts or interpretations on what certain dreams may mean but let’s look at the meanings of some common dreams.


In these dreams, you are either chasing after something or being chased by something. If you are being chased in the dream, the chaser must be something terrifying or fearsome. This means that you are under some type of pressure or stress and the manner in which you try to escape from the pursuer reflects how you are trying to handle the situation in real life. If you are the chaser in the dream, it means that you are trying to fulfill a certain ambition in your life. This can be a dream car, a special someone, or a dream career.


When you are flying in your dream, you may be aware that you are actually dreaming. As such, you may feel the joy, exhilaration or fear of flying, depending on the situation. If you have full control of the flight, it usually means that you are in control of a situation or you have triumphed over something in your life. If you are experiencing difficulties on controlling your flight, it means that you don’t have control of a situation in real life. The obstacles you encounter in the dream may represent the obstacles that you are facing in life. If you are feeling fearful while you are flying, it means that you are afraid of certain challenges or situations in real life.


Naked Man Hiding in a Box

Many people have dreamed that they are naked, fully or partially. In the dream, you may be terrified to find out that you are naked and it means that you have something to conceal. It may be a failure or anything else which causes some level of shame. It may also mean that you are trying to take on another persona and you are afraid that people may find out who you really are. Sometimes, a naked dream may show that you are unprepared for a particular project or situation. If you are naked and you are proud, it means that you have attained ultimate freedom and you are comfortable with yourself.


Dreams about teeth are very common and in many cases, the dreamers are seeing or experiencing the destruction or falling of teeth. In real life, teeth can be used to bite and chew. The loss or destruction of teeth in a dream reflects a sense of powerlessness. Perhaps, you are in a situation where you are ignored or unappreciated and you are feeling less confident in yourself. A teeth dream can also mean that you are afraid of rejection or that you are feeling the negative effects of aging.

Floating Angel Fairy in a Dream


Falling Man in Suit with Briefcase

The dream of falling can be quite terrifying. Sometimes, the fall can seem to be continual with no end in sight. Generally, falling dreams reflect negative things like anxieties or insecurities. You may be losing control of a situation or you are finding yourself in an inferior position. Perhaps, you are losing your spouse or you are in danger of losing your job. When you dream that you are falling, it most likely means a bad situation.


In a test dream, you may have arrived late for a test or you may be taking a test in which you don’t know the answer to any of the questions or all your pens may not have any ink or you may even be taking the test in a language that you simply don’t know. Test dreams symbolize the anxieties you face in a certain challenge or test. It’s possible that you are not so well prepared or you know that you don’t have enough time or resources to perform up to your level of satisfaction or capabilities.


Man waking From a Nightmare

Nightmares are different from other types of dreams in the sense that they evoke fright and emotions. People who have nightmares usually get so affected that they wake up in fear, sometimes, drenched in sweat. In this sense, it’s logical that people remember their nightmares for a longer period of time including all the details in comparison to other types of dreams. According to some studies, people who are more creative or imaginative are more likely to have nightmares. Since they are more in tune or sensitive to their situations, their fears are manifested in nightmares. Some people have nightmares because they have been ignoring a problem which needs to be solved. Nightmares can also warn people about future accidents or deaths. In many cases, people have nightmares because they are deeply troubled by something.


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