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Making the Most of Small Spaces

Making the Most of Small Spaces Header

The space in your home does not grow with your family. You can't always buy a new place or break down a wall, that wouldn't be very practical. Especially if you have children, space is a valuable commodity. Choosing furniture that doesn't take up much room in your child's bedroom can be difficult, but we're here to help. Two great options that can make things easier are bunk beds and loft beds. These two options make great use of their space and are quite affordable.

Bunk Beds

We all remember growing up sleeping in a bunk bed or at least really wanting one. It always seemed like an adventure climbing up to the top bunk. As fun as they are, bunk beds make exceptional use of their space. This Coaster Bunk Bed for example, features a top bunk with guard rails (very important feature), bottom bunk, and a stairway to the top bunk with built in drawers, while making excellent use of wall space. Choosing a bunk bed configuration for your child's bedroom will offer a great childhood for your kids as they grow up, and you may save a little money along the way.

Coaster 460087-88 Twin Bunk Bed with Storage Drawers

Loft Beds

I won't lie; I also wish I had a loft bed growing up. Combining a bunk bed with a desk and bookshelves, loft beds are a great way to encourage your child to get their homework done in their own private space. Take the Dinos Twin Loft Bed with Desk for instance,this piece offers a twin top bunk bed with guard rails, a stationary ladder and a spacious desk with bookcase. Loft beds help keep clutter off the floors while combining two essential elements.

Dinos B106-60 Twin Metal Loft Bed

An important tip to consider is to try and only use essential furniture pieces. Your 9 and 11 year old may not need an armoire at this point, but a tall and slender chest of drawers will do just fine. Instead of putting a TV in your child's room, opt for an MP3 player with attachable speakers. When budgeting for your child's bedroom furniture, keep these tips in mind. They will not only save space but money as well. You won't need to purchase additional accessories that will only clutter your child's bedroom.

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