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Painting, Coloring, Drawing and More - For Kids!

Painting, Drawing, Coloring and More for Kids Header

Little Girl Drawing with Markers

Have you ever thought about what you like to do in your free time? Many people enjoy different types of art as a hobby. Art can include drawing, painting, coloring, and sketching. Art comes in so many forms that there is something for everyone to choose from. For example, you might choose to do an oil painting on canvas, create a mural on a wall, sketch a little cartoon, draw a portrait or even finger-paint a scene. Traditionally people would simply do this on paper, but today we can also make art on our computers with technology and slightly different techniques. There are many types of mediums to choose from when it comes to art. You might want to use crayons, colored pencils, pastels, oil paints, charcoal, or just a plain old ballpoint pen. It’s fun to try a little of everything to see which medium you like the best. They all create a different effect and have a different feeling to them. For computer art, some people use a mouse to start off with. Others also use a tool called a tablet, which is like a flat pad, and a stylus, an electronic pen. With this, they can change the options for colors or brush sizes on the computer, and then create a digital piece of art.

If you haven’t tried your hand at art before, it’s never too late. The great thing about art is that there is no right or wrong. Art is a fantastic way of expressing ourselves and our imaginations. Unlike in real life, when we draw or paint, we can create incredible worlds or creatures that don’t exist in real life. The possibilities are practically endless! As you begin, you might wonder why your art does not look the same as some of the famous painters of our time. This is simply because to become good at art, we need to practice. As you start out, make it a habit to draw, paint, or color everyday. The more you do it, the better you will become. If you are really interested in art, ask your parents to help find a teacher or a mentor to guide you along the way. An art teacher is an excellent source for learning about new techniques and styles of creating art. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to be good at all forms of art. For example, think about cartoons that you see in the newspaper. Normally, there is one person to draw the cartoons in pencil, and another person to complete it in ink. Sometimes they also have a third person to color in the cartoons. Some people like to make their art look extremely realistic. On the other hand, many others create art that looks a little bit like real life, or sometimes, completely imaginary!

A great way to see what other artists have done is to visit an art gallery or an art museum. Many of these places offer guided group tours for schools. As you go through, you’ll be able to see and compare the styles and subjects of many different artists. Don’t be afraid to ask the tour guide about any pieces that you have questions about. It’s a great way to learn more about art! To start creating your own art, have a look at the fun resources below. There are easy tutorials, games, printable downloads and much more!

Kids Hold Up their Painted Hands


  • Painting Prints on Cloth
  • Play the Color Matching Game
  • See How to Do a Watercolor Painting
  • What Are Still Life Paintings?
  • Learn About the Famous Painter, Matisse (Flash)
  • A Tutorial on Oil Painting


  • Coloring in the Family Room for Quality TimeArt Kids Coloring Room
  • A Coloring Page Search Engine for Kids
  • Bob the Builder Printable Coloring Pages
  • Online Coloring Page from Sesame Street
  • The Magic School Bus Coloring Page (PDF)
  • Downloadable Nature Coloring Pages


  • Drawing Techniques with Colored Pencils
  • African Drawing Activities for Kids
  • Learn How to Draw with Artbot
  • Finish the Seussville Scene (PDF)
  • Draw a Home for Some Special Animals
  • Drawing in 3-D

Computer Painting

  • Learn How to Use Microsoft Paint
  • An Online Painting Tool
  • How to Use TuxPaint
  • Easy Online Painting with Pilkeymon
  • A Video on Drawing with Your Mouse
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Photoshop (PDF)


  • A Virtual Sketching Toy
  • How to Sketch People
  • Learn How Sketches Can Catch Criminals
  • Using Lines in Sketches
  • Learn to Sketch a Cute Koala
  • Practice Sketching a Panda Bear

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