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Creating a French Victorian Era Bedroom

Creating a French Victorian Style Bedroom Header

The Victorian era was during Queen Victoria’s reign from 1837 until 1901. During this time, a Gothic Revival of architecture became increasingly popular and led to the “Battle of Styles” between supporters of Gothic style and Classical style. These opposing views led to furniture styles with ornate detailing, gold painted accents and elaborate carvings. The 19th century French Victorian era inspired latter furniture styles and came to be known as “Victorian” style furniture.

Creating a bedroom with French Victorian Era furniture can be confusing since that style of furniture is also known as Chippendale, Rococo and Tudor. However, the overwhelming style Victorian furniture share is its grand appearance. Follow these tips and it will be easier recognize Victorian styled furniture for your bedroom.

The Bed

Victorian Bedroom with 4 Poster Bed
  • Look for beds with large headboards that feature intricate paneling and overlays.
  • A broken pediment styled headboard makes a bold appearance.
  • Search for beds with large feet that also feature ornate detailing.
  • Beds made of heavy mahogany or walnut creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Look for canopy beds with thick bedposts and carved details.
  • A cast iron or brushed bronze bed frame also falls under this category.

Dressing the Bed

  • Use multiple pillows with ribbons and other trims.
  • For bedding use high quality linens.
  • Top off the bed with a highly decorative quilt or duvet cover.
  • Bedding and trim should have gold threaded details.


  • Rounded bedside tables that feature brushed brass or bronze hardware.
  • Nightstands that feature decorative carvings against the legs and drawer front.
  • Bureaus that showcase an exquisite marble top.

Armoire and Dresser

Elegant Victorian Dresser and Table
  • Dark wood furniture is ideal.
  • We recommend a dresser with an ornately decorated mirror.
  • Look for decorative elements including pediments, carvings and brass pull handles.


  • Place antique photographs within silver or bronze colored frames.
  • Add botanical prints to the walls.
  • Choose an Oriental  styled rug with rich colors with deep reds and yellows.
  • You can also use rugs with floral vine prints.
  • Decorate with small ornate items like jewelry boxes, small porcelain trays, china and colored glass pieces.
  • Oval Victorian Picture Frame with Ornate Details
  • Candle holders and other metal items should have a silver tone.
  • For soft goods like curtains and table linens, choose a Damask patterned fabric.
  • Include a sitting area with balloon or button back chairs and a rounded ottoman.
  • If space permits, include a single end sofa with a curved arm rest, also known as a fainting couch.


  • Windows were often decorated to reflect the theater.
  • Full curtains or drapes with ruffles, valances, braid, lace or bows.
  • Choose curtains in deep purple, blue, ruby red or forest green.
  • If possible, use velvet or velour drapes.

Creating a French Victorian inspired bedroom brings a sense of style and grandeur to any home. The elegant atmosphere radiates throughout the bedroom with these highly decorated furniture pieces and accessories.

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