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Creating a 5 Star Guest Room

Creating a Five Star Guest Room Header

Guest rooms have become an important part of homes these days. When children grow up and move out, an extra room opens up and affords you with the options to converting it into a study, office or a guest room. If you have family that visits often or friends from out of town, having a well-furnished guest room is an extension of your hospitality.

Just as you would expect certain elements to be present in a hotel room, the guest room should reflect that type of hospitality.

Comfortable Bedding

Guest Bedding with Comfortable Bedding and Heart Pillow

The most important aspect of any guest bedroom is the bed. Nothing will make your guest(s) feel more at home then having a comfortable place to sleep.

  • Depending on space, a Full size or Queen size bed will provide ample room for 1- 2 people.
  • Use sheets with a high thread count, preferably cotton.
  • Extra plush Duvet
  • Multiple Pillows
  • A Medium Soft Mattress


Any guest staying overnight or for a few days will need a place to put their things.

  • A well placed chest of drawers will provide ample storage space for your guest.
  • A single nightstand provides storage for bedside items such as a lamp, alarm clock and a place for your guest to place valuable items such as their watch, wallet or glasses.
  • A luggage rack is a great item to have in the guest room.


Rose in Vase on Small Table

Sometimes the décor of the bedroom doesn’t get much attention. A bed, nightstand and a dresser may make up the room, but it doesn’t always convey an atmosphere of warmth. Adding a personal touch to your guest room shows your guests that you willingly created the room specifically for them.

  • Books and magazines
  • Lighting, floor lamps and table lamps
  • A comfortable chair
  • A TV or radio
  • Flowers
  • Throw rug
  • A carafe with fresh water and ice adds an elegant and thoughtful touch.


A wonderful addition to any guest bedroom, a well-placed mirror helps your guests get ready in privacy as they start their day.

  • If space permits, use a dresser with an attached mirror.
  • A small hanging mirror
  • A free standing mirror
Luxury Guest Bedroom Sure to Provide Maximum Comfort

Providing your guests with the appropriate amenities will ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. Once you have the essential pieces in place, it's easy to build around them, and especially if you have the same people come and stay with you. A comfortable, well equipped room takes most of the stress out of a guest's visit.

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