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How To Create an Awe-Inspiring Bedroom

Create an Awe Inspiring Bedroom Header

Being a quiet and comfortable place to relax, the bedroom is your personal sanctuary. Your bedroom empowers your day and sets the mood when you first wake up. Now when you arise, what do you see around you? A simple nightstand with a lonely clock and a King size bed with metal rails? Or do you see fine pieces of art that provide storage space for your personal belongings, and a bed with an eye catching design? We spend a good part of our lives in the bedroom, so why not create a space that you actually love to be in?

The Ultimate Bedroom

John D. Rockefeller at his peak was worth $318.3 billion dollars. That's three times more than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined! Rockefeller's bedroom collection was donated to the Museum of the City of New York and included a Napoleonic styled sleigh bed, cabinet, and armoire with Turkish design accents against solid oak.

Rockefeller Bedroom Donated to the City of New York

How To Do It?

The key to creating the perfect bedroom is choosing the right pieces that flow together. Choosing a full collection eliminates the hassle of matching certain styles, colors or decorative elements. Creating a room you want to be in by decorating it to your personal taste goes a long way in enjoying your home. George Clooney sometimes sleeps in the walk-in closet of his LA mansion because, he says, "all the bedrooms are too light".

If you have accumulated your bedroom set over the years, it can be difficult to create a flowing atmosphere. Four of the top recommendations to keep in mind are:

  • Pay attention to the style of headboard - High arched headboards flow perfectly with curved or rounded furniture pieces, however straight lined headboards offer more options when choosing accompanying pieces
  • Size of the furniture - Try to keep the height of nightstands even to each other to provide balance.
  • Color of the Furniture - Combine dark toned furniture with similar matching veneers. Contrasting colors is possible but special attention should be paid to the style of the furniture.
  • What decorative elements stand out - A dresser with mirror accentuates light and reflects design elements from your bedroom furniture.

Choosing pieces with or without heavy decorative paneling and ornaments set the theme of your bedroom in a classic or contemporary style. Contemporary modern furniture has the ability to flow with most existing bedroom décor; while classic pieces like the Coaster Isabella Bed demand that you pay attention to its stunning scrolling vine motif and caramel veneer.

Choosing furniture that is reliable and stylish shouldn’t be a chore. Just like choosing a car or a painting, certain elements need to be addressed such as space, personal style, image and price. Nothing will bring you peace of mind when you retire for the night as a bedroom collection you can be proud of.

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