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Clean Line Designs vs. Ornate Detailing

Clean Lined Design vs Ornate Detailing Header

Choosing your bedroom furniture can be a daunting task. With literally hundreds of different styles, colors and shapes to choose from, bedroom furniture is one of the most intimate purchases. When it comes time on making a decision, it is obviously important to measure your bedroom to make sure items fit. More importantly, it should be furniture that makes you smile. Two major choices are picking between furniture with elaborate decorative detailing and modern contemporary furniture.

Ornate Detailing

Pulaski Birkhaven 991-K Bedroom Set

Furniture with ornate decorations and detailed molding lendsitself to a certain type of style. Establishing a rich atmosphere of antiqued styling is easy with a King sized bed that features a broken pediment styled headboard. Most beds with heavy decorative elements will surely be the centerpiece of your collection. Decorating around the bed will be the most important aspect. Most heavily decorated pieces fall under the "antiqued style" category and include pieces inspired by 18 and 19th century architecture.


  • Adds grace and elegance to your bedroom.
  • Reflects your personal tastes.
  • Serve as artistic focal points around your bedroom.


  • Designs and overlays may fade over time
  • Difficult to mix and match with other pieces
  • Style preference may change over time
  • Typically heavier pieces

Clean Lined Design

Modloft Ludlow MD317-KW Bedroom Set

Clean lined bedroom furniture features smooth lines, straight edges and modern design.  Modern styled furniture comes in many different color combinations and opens itself up to being mixed and matched with existing furniture. Clean line design furniture creates symmetry in your bedroom and typically falls under the modern, transitional or contemporary category.  Perfect for apartments, lofts or condominiums- this type of bedroom furniture can easily be moved and transported and can quickly be cleaned.


  • Can easily be combined with other furniture pieces
  • Typically lighter construction
  • Moves easily
  • Low maintenance


  • Colors may not work with existing furniture
  • Taste may change over time

No matter which style of bedroom furniture you decide on, there will be pros and cons. The most important aspect is to be aware of how your furniture fits together. If you're just starting out with a new apartment, simpler modern styled furniture may be best suited. As you become well established, investing in furniture that showcases decorative detailing and old world elegance may be the route to go.

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