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Buying Furniture for Your Kids: What You Need to Know

Safety First Protecting Children from Furniture Danger Header

Boy on Precarious Bunk Bed Ladder

Children look forward to their bedrooms just like a teenager would look forward to a new car. Choosing furniture with your child can be a bonding experience as they take on more responsibility for what they want in their bedroom. The formative years are important and the atmosphere in which your child spends most of their time needs to be monitored.

Storage space, easy clean up and adaptability are key items to keep in mind when shopping for your child’s bedroom. However, the greatest concern for parents is safety. Every year there are incidents of furniture tipping over and harming children. In addition to furniture tip overs, the other main concern is toxic chemicals found in furniture. Knowing the precautions to take before purchasing furniture for your child’s bedroom will not only keep them safe, but give you peace of mind as well.

Basic Safety

It goes without saying that your child’s safety is the number one priority. Children are inquisitive and love to climb onto things. Unfortunately,  the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that, on average one child dies every two weeks from furniture tip overs. 16,000 children were treated last year for furniture related injuries. Children can often be frantic, reckless and full of energy.  By choosing age appropriate furniture, you can greatly reduce the level of injury. For example, bunk beds are common in households with multiple children around the same age. As fun as they are, the top bunk poses a risk of your child falling while asleep. Pay special attention to bunk beds that feature full guard rails.

Dangerous Elements to Look Out For

  • Harmful chemicals to avoid which may be used to construct furniture:
    • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVS contains harmful phthalates and dioxins and have been linked to cause asthma in children
    • Formaldehyde- a potential carcinogen
  • Look for furniture that features a secure base. Sturdy construction and reliable construction.
  • Sharp Corners can cause severe cuts and head injuries
  • Loose fixtures lead to furniture tipping over or falling
  • Steep edges can cause a child to lose their footing and result in a fall
  • Edges that stick out are hazardous as children are often playful
  • Ladders (regarding bunk or loft beds) are securely affixed to furniture


Children grow up fast and their needs change just as quickly. Buying furniture that can better serve your children in the future is an important aspect to keep in mind. By planning for the future, you minimize the expected cost of buying new furniture on a regular basis.

  • Certain styles of bunk beds can be taken apart and made into two separate beds.
  • Loft beds feature a top bunk with a built in desk underneath
  • Certain styles of beds expand from twin to full sized beds

Mom Nuzzling Baby and Keeping Her Safe


Little Girl with Messy Room

Kids are messy! There is no arguing that fact and your child's furniture will reflect that aspect of their childhood. Having furniture that is easily cleaned helps protect your children from harmful bacteria growth, dust, bed bugs and prolongs the life the furniture. Certain types of material are ideal for homes with children and even pets:

  • Plastic
  • Furniture with a Veneer Coating
  • Microfiber
  • Metal
  • Semi-Aniline Leather
  • Canvas

Space and Storage

Children have a lot of personal items like clothes, books and toys. Finding room for their items can be difficult if you are limited on storage space. Multi-functional furniture is the best option for keeping your child's room neat and organized. Furniture that includes built in drawers, shelves and cabinetry makes it easier for when you need to clean and store items away.

  • Loft Beds
    • Loft beds combine bunk beds with built in desk and storage shelves/drawers
  • Bunk Beds reduce the amount of space taken up
  • Trundle Beds
    • Trundle beds feature a pull out bed which can be used to store extra bedding, toys and serve as an extra bed for sleepovers
  • Beds with built in headboard shelves and base drawers

The importance of research and asking questions can never be underestimated. Choosing children's furniture with their safety in mind is an important deciding factor as well as planning for the future as they grow. Always check pieces when the furniture arrives, to ensure it is free from damage. With these helpful tips, you can easily choose your child's bedroom furniture that will last for years while crossing out the pieces that are potentially harmful.

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