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Bedroom Wonderlands: The Ultimate Bedtime Story Guide

Bedroom Wonderland Story Guide Header

Girl Choosing a Story from a Stack of Books

One of the most fun parts about bedtime is getting to read a story before falling asleep. Perhaps when you were younger, your parents might have read out loud to you too. Reading a story before bedtime is not only fun but it also helps us in many other ways. It helps your mind and body to relax, and your imagination begins to develop in wonderful ways. More importantly, bedtime stories also help us to improve our reading skills. When it comes to bedtime stories, the sky is the limit! One day you might be reading classic fairy tales, while another night you might read about aliens, pirates, magical creatures, or flat out funny stories about animals. As you grow older, try to read bedtime stories on your own, instead of asking Mom or Dad to read it to you. Of course, you can always ask them for a little help if you are stuck on a difficult word. Did you know that there are also stories online? One of the great things about reading stories online is that they come in many different formats. Some online stories actually look like real books, so that you can turn virtual pages and read the text. Another popular version is audio recordings of adults reading out loud from a story book. But perhaps the best types of online stories are those that are animated or interactive! What could be more fun that interacting with the characters and creatures of a story? Start off by reading some of the fun stories we've collected below. Next, you might even try to make up your own story and tell it to your parents or siblings.

  • Grimm's Fairy Tales – The Brothers Grimm were two German siblings who created a trove of children's stories inspired by folk tales.
  • Jungle Book – Explore the story of a little boy who grows up among wild animals in the Indian jungle!
  • Aesop's Fables – Read some classic stories written by the famous ancient Greek philosopher, Aesop.
  • Hans Christian Anderson – Enter a world of magic, secrets, and wonder with Hans Christian Anderson's wonderful fairy tales!
  • Fairy Stories – Read a collection of stories all about fairies and other little magical creatures.
  • Heidi – Readers will love Johanna Spyri's tale of a little girl who is sent to live in the beautiful Swiss Alps with her grandfather.
  • 1001 Arabian Nights – Get lost among wondrous places and fascinating creatures in these tales of ancient Arabian lands.
  • For the Children's Hour – Read some classic bedtime stories and nursery rhymes in this special online collection for children.
  • Gordon Dioxide Bedtime Stories – You'll be roaring with laughter after reading these funny and rather odd bedtime stories!
  • Short Stories – Pick from a huge selection of short stories with themes of animals, humor, sports, and more.
  • Online Bedtime Tales – Read some fun, animated online bedtime stories featuring Arthur and more of your favorite cartoon characters.
  • Gemma Wood Bedtime Stories – These entertaining short stories are just the perfect thing for a quick read before bedtime.
  • Bedtime Story Videos – In this version, sleepy kids can watch videos of adults reading favorite short bedtime stories aloud.
  • Stories to Read Aloud – Pick from this selection of stories for kids, such as short stories, funny ones, and stories with morals.
  • Animated Stories – Register for free to explore some fun, animated folk tales and fairy stories.
  • Spike in the City – Navigate through a virtual book to find out all about Spike the dog's city adventures.
  • Assorted Stories for Kids – Read a selection of entertaining illustrated bedtime stories online.
  • Enhanced Bedtime Stories – These animated bedtime stories about trolls, unicorns, and other magical creatures are available in text and audio.
  • Meddybemps Stories – This quirky collection of bedtime stories is fun for all ages!
  • Classics for Kids – Access a number of virtual editions of classic stories for children.
  • Red Dog Adventures – Follow Red Dog on his explorations around the farm in this series of loveable bedtime stories.
  • Alice in Wonderland – Listen to a dramatic narration of the incredible tale of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland.
  • Charlie and Lola – Find out what happens in this story about a little girl who just doesn't want to go to bed!
  • The Story Center – Choose a bedtime tale from a long list that includes features that help kids to understand difficult words and interact with the stories.
  • The Berenstain Bears – Curl up in bed and listen to a story featuring everyone's favorite animal families, the Berenstain Bears.

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