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A Guide to Fire Safety in the Bedroom and Home

Bedroom Fire Safety Guide Header

Although we usually feel quite safe at home, there are actually several items that are quite dangerous. Many of these things can cause a fire to break out. If there is ever a fire, it is important to know exactly what to do and how to escape. Even before that, there are many steps we can all take to help stop fires from occurring in the first place. This is not something that only adults are responsible for. Even kids can do several things to keep their homes safe. Let's read on to find out all about fire safety!

Fire Prevention

Today there are various tools that help us to prevent fires at home. One of the most important ones is the smoke detector. Fires always produce smoke. If the smoke detector senses smoke, it will make a loud beeping sound to alert everyone. Smoke detectors should be checked monthly to make sure that the batteries still work properly. There should also be a fire extinguisher placed in or near the kitchen, and another by the fireplace. Ask your parents to teach you how to use it. By knowing how to prevent fires and stop them as soon as they occur, we can make sure that we are safer.

  • Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers and More!
  • Have a Fire Safety and Prevention List
  • Prevent Fires and Be Prepared
  • Play the Smoke Alarm Game
  • An Online Fire Prevention Word Game
  • How Mikey Prevented a Fire
  • Post a Fire Safety Sheet in the Kitchen (PDF)
  • Test Smoke Alarms Each Month (PDF)

Fire Dangers

Burnt Match as a Thermometer

The kitchen is an area with one of the most fire dangers at home. Items like the stove, oven, and toaster can all start a fire if we are careless. Other things like lit candles, lighters, and matches can start fires very easily! Around the house, overloaded electrical sockets are an additional fire hazard. Apart from minimizing fire hazards, we should also never play with them. Imagine what might happen if someone were playing with a candle and knocked it down. The fire would spread quite fast to the carpet, curtains, and beyond! If you do need to use something that is a fire danger, always ask a grown up to help you with it.

  • Identify the Home Fire Hazards
  • Which Items are Fire Hazards? (PDF)
  • Fire Dangers Should Not Be Played With
  • Play the Fire Dangers Game with McGruff
  • Indoor Fire Hazards
  • Stay Away From Lighters and Matches
  • Be Careful with Fire Dangers
  • Try the Hazard House Game
  • Common Fire Hazards and Other Tips
  • Learn About Fire Risks at Home

If Caught in a Fire

Burning Bedroom

Before a fire ever breaks out, plan an emergency escape route with other members of your family. Practice leaving the house through this route and decide on a meeting point outdoors. It can be quite scary when there is a fire at night, so leave a coat, slippers, and a flashlight by your bed in case you have to leave quickly. As soon as you have exited the building, call 911 and give them the address. If you are stuck inside, keep the door shut and open the windows. Hanging a large cloth, like a sheet, outside the window will help firefighters to locate you quickly. Avoid breathing in smoke by crawling on the floor. Remember that if your clothes are on fire, drop to the floor while rolling to stop the flames.

  • Head to the Meeting Point
  • Escaping from a Fire
  • The Fire Escape Plan
  • Call 911 in Emergencies
  • Remember: Stop, Drop, and Roll!
  • How to Deal With Burns
  • Stay Low to Avoid Smoke
  • When Fire is Behind a Door
  • Stay Outside the Building
  • 911 Activity Sheet (PDF)

Fire Safety Resources and Tips

Even though you might already know all about safety, it definitely helps to review the information often and keep it fresh in your mind. You can do this by discussing it with your family, or checking out games, tips, and review sheets about fire safety. We've compiled these great resources below to help you become a fire safety junior expert!

  • Fire Safety Downloadables for Kids
  • Send a Question to a Firefighter
  • Brigade Kids Fire Safety World
  • Danger Rangers Fire Safety Tips
  • Get the Blaze Aware Certificate!
  • Activity Pages on Fire Safety
  • Generate a Virtual Fire Escape Plan
  • Sparkles' Fire Safety Tips

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