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Bedroom Color Trends

Bedroom color Trends Header

The bedroom is the one room in your house that is uniquely yours. From the style of bed you choose to the complementing décor. The bedroom is the place to enjoy the rest of your day after a long day at the office, whether it be watching TV or reading a book as you drift off to sleep. Your personal choice in how you decorate your bedroom is dependent on your personal style, and certain colors can either accentuate or lessen the appeal of your bedroom.

Most fast food restaurants like McDonalds use bright colors on the interiors. The theory behind using bright colors is have the patrons eat faster and not linger, resulting in faster patron turn around, as bright reds and yellows do not convey a comfortable atmosphere.

Starbucks on the other hand, uses earth tone colors and warm brown hues to promote a relaxing environment.

Popular Colors that Promote Warmth and Relaxation

What colors you choose to paint your bedroom walls will directly affect your mood. Research has shown that bright hues of red and yellow trigger a startling and uneasy emotional response. Your bedroom should convey the opposite.


Bedroom in Soothing Gray Tones

Varying hues of gray from tan to light beige are excellent wall colors for the bedroom. These colors convey an atmosphere of calm and pair well with most bedroom décor. Brighter accents from a lamp or floor rug mixed with a gray wall creates a beautiful and soothing presentation.

Brown/Green (earth tones)

Beautiful Bedroom in Calming Earth Tones

Using earth tones is one of the most popular color schemes for the bedroom. Deep greens and rich browns are reminiscent of nature and growth.  Bedroom furniture that is constructed from wood material pair naturally with muted greens and browns.

Sensory reactions to natural greens and browns have been shown to promote peace and even reduce ones heart rate.


Modern Bedroom in Serene Light Blue Tones

Blue is a serene color and is always calming. You are surrounded by the color of blue from the sky to water. Blues mixed with gray undertones can sometimes lead to a negative emotional response so it's best to stick with lighter shades of blue from sky blue to Carolina blue.


Luxurious Bedroom in Rich Purple Tones


Purple is the color of royalty and luxury. Varying shades from lavender to darker purples are ideal for creating a relaxing environment. Some of the popular shades of purple are lavender blue and lavender rose.


Bright, neon colors are not recommended for your bedroom, as they will result in uneasy nights of sleep. Choosing which colors compliment your existing décor is easy to do, as you can try samples of different colors on the walls. The bedroom should be the place that instantly puts you at ease and welcomes many nights of relaxation and rejuvenating sleep.

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