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What Bed Size is Right for You?

Choosing the Right Bed size for You Header

Deciding on what bed size is right for you can be a confusing task. Bed sizes differ in size from length, width and depth. It can be very confusing to know if you need a Queen Size bed as opposed to a King Size bed. Is the queen large enough for a couple? Is a California King really that much different than a King size bed? Bed sizes mainly refer to what size mattress would fit. Here I will list the popular sizes of beds and how much they differ from each other.

Twin Size

Joslyn B150-52 Twin Poster Bed

Also known as single beds, the Twin size bed is the most popular choice for children. Twin size beds easily fit into smaller bedrooms and are narrow. These beds can also be used in the guest room.

  • Dimensions: 39" Wide by 75" Long
  • Space per Person: 39"

Full Size

Aleck B161-84 Full Panel Bed

The full size bed is also known as a “double”. Full size beds are 15” wider than a Twin size bed and enough space for an adult. Although it can accommodate two adults, a Full size bed doesn’t leave much room and a Queen Size bed would be ideal instead. Full size beds were common for couples until the 1960’s.

  • Dimensions: 54" Wide by 75" Long
  • Space per person: 27" (less space per person than a Twin size bed if shared by two people)

Queen Size

Penelope B403-74 Queen Sleigh Bed

The Queen Size bed is the most popular choice for two adults. Queen sized beds are 6" wider and 5" longer than a full size bed. Although the most common size for two adults, a Queen may not be long enough for taller people. A queen bed is perfect for the guest room or a small master bedroom.

  • Dimensions: 60" Wide by 80" Long
  • Space per person: 30"

King Size

Pulaski Edwardian 242160 King Poster Bed

Also known as an Eastern King, the standard King size bed is 16" wider than a Queen sized bed. Typically, a King size will use two separate box springs or frames and one mattress, which makes it easier to move. Possibly too large for a single person, the King size bed is the widest bed available in stores and easily accommodates two adults.

  • Dimensions: 76" Wide by 80" Long
  • Space per person:38"

California King

Meadowbrooke B486-51 California King Poster Bed

The California King Size bed is also known as a Western King. Like the Standard King size bed, this size also comes with a single mattress and two half width frames. Tall people can comfortably sleep on a California King, even diagonally and still be comfortable. This is the longest bed available and is 4" longer than a standard King size bed.

  • Dimensions: 72" Wide by 84" Long
  • Space per person:36"