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5 of the Most Popular Bed Types

Five Popular Bed Types Header

The style of bed you choose directly reflects your personal style and taste. Certain beds feature elaborate tall headboards and ornate detailing, while others offer sharp clean lines and an electronic attachment for your cell phone, MP3 player or lighting. Knowing what types of beds are out there makes it easier to know what you are looking for when you need a new bed.

1. Platform Beds

Dinec Nature Fire B21 Platform Bed

The platform bed features a simple and straight forward design. Considered a minimalistic style, platform beds are designed to be used without a box spring as the mattress rests perfectly on the platform.

Features of a Platform Bed:

  • Simple, rectangular platform design
  • Typically does not include a footboard
  • Some styles feature built in base storage drawers
  • Modern, clean edge design

2. Canopy Beds

Southern Coast B547 California King Canopy Bed

The decorative qualities of the canopy bed make it a desirable style that most people love. These beds feature four tall bedposts with connecting crossbeams, built specifically to drape cloth, mesh or silk materials from. Canopy beds date far back as medieval times.

Features of a Canopy Bed:

  • Decorative head and footboards are constructed from wood, scrolled metal or upholstery.
  • Bedposts can feature decorative Corinthian and Victorian Era design elements.
  • Ornately designed with a commanding presence.
  • The most popular sizes are Queen and King.

3. Four Poster Beds

American Drew Cherry Grove 45th 791-383R Queen Poster Bed

Poster beds are similar in design to canopy beds but do not have connecting crossbeams. Four Poster beds feature four tall bedposts which feature carved design elements. Many poster beds showcase highly decorative headboards with matching low profile footboards.

Features of a Four Poster Bed:

  • Elaborate decorative head and footboard
  • Side rails
  • Decorative feet design
  • Typically constructed from wood with rich veneers

4. Panel Beds

Aspen B175 King Panel Bed

Panel beds are similar to platform beds however; these beds feature side rails which will hold a box spring and mattress. The tall headboard makes this bed a beautiful focal point of your bedroom.

Features of a Panel Bed:

  • Panel beds feature side rails.
  • Typically will feature a tall decorated headboard with a lower profile footboard.
  • Most panel beds are made from wood.
  • Headboards feature paneling, carvings or upholstery.

5. Sleigh Beds

American Drew Cherry Grove 45th 791-306R King Sleigh Bed

The sleigh bed has been a popular design in the U.S., especially in the south. Introduced in 1815 during the French Empire period, sleigh beds feature tall outward curved headboards with a lower profile footboard.

Features of a Panel Bed:

  • Side profile presents a silhouette of a horse-drawn sleigh.
  • Typically features large scrolled head and footboards.
  • Sleigh beds are typically made from wood.
  • Some headboards feature upholstery accents.

Each one of these styles of beds comes in many variations. For example, a sleigh bed may feature a highly decorative headboard with medallion overlays and carvings while a different sleigh bed features plush leather upholstery. If you know the bed you’re looking for must be a sleigh bed, then choosing those other features is easier.  Knowing the general shape and style of bed that appeals to you will make it much easier and less intimidating when purchasing your next bed.

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