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Tents, Mattresses and Other Camping Essentials

Tents Mattresses and Other Gear for Camping

For many people, camping is the ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors and escape the pressures of work, commuting, and daily life in general. In order to prepare for a camping trip a person must know what to expect and what items are needed for both comfort and safety. The right supplies can prevent a person from becoming ill due to the elements or from the food that he or she eats. The correct supplies can also help prevent or treat injuries until the proper care can be reached. On a more basic level, having the essentials will ensure that the camper has the comfortable and relaxing time that he or she deserves.


Family Smiling from Large Tent in Woods

Tents are one of the most essential and basic items needed when camping. When a person is camping outdoors, he or she will need protection from rain, wind, and other elements. A tent provides this protection. A tent will also help protect campers from biting insects, such as mosquitoes. In addition, tents will also provide campers with a certain amount of privacy.


A good night's rest is critical for energy. This is why a mattress is so important when camping. A mattress will provide the necessary comfort to obtain a restful sleep. It is particularly important for campers who suffer from back problems and who are unable to sleep on the hard ground. Mattresses will also help to alleviate sore muscles. While it may not be practical to bring a normal mattress on a camping trip, alternatives do exist. Air mattresses and mattress pads are viable alternatives to the standard mattress used in beds in homes.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag serves a number of purposes during a camping trip. When sleeping in a sleeping bag, a person's body is not directly touching the ground. This keeps a majority of campers comfortable enough to sleep or relax. It also helps campers to retain their warmth during the cooler night temperatures or during the winter months. To choose the best sleeping bag a person must select one that has a suitable temperature rating for the camping area.


Another basic item that is crucial for camping is a cooler. Coolers help to keep food and other perishable items at a safe temperature. This will prevent any food-borne illnesses that could cut the trip short or worse send someone to the hospital. A cooler should be the appropriate size for the amount of items and for the number of days that the people will be camping.

Cooking Equipment

Iron Pot Boiling over an Open Fire

Cooking equipment will allow campers to prepare their food outdoors. It is important to know what type of meals will be prepared before embarking on a camping trip. This will help the traveler know what type of cookware to bring and will make preparing the food easier. Camping cookware and equipment should be suitable for cooking outdoors and with a campfire.

Matches or Lighters

Having matches and/or lighters on hand during a camping trip is one of the top supplies needed when camping. The ability to create a safe fire is crucial during a trip. It is needed for warmth and for cooking. When bringing matches, they should be kept in a container that is waterproof.


Other than a fire, there will be no outdoor lighting at night when camping. The lights from the moon and stars are typically not bright enough for most people to move about comfortably in the dark. If it is foggy or overcast, it will seem even darker. A lantern will allow campers to see around them during the night hours and to move safely without risk of tripping and injury.


Another important item is water. Although there will be streams and rivers when camping, the water is not safe for drinking. Fresh bottled water will help prevent dehydration. It may also be used for cooking.


Food is necessary not only to prevent hunger, but to also keep one's energy up. The right choice of food will be items that are not highly perishable. Bringing some pre-made meals are useful as they will help reduce cook times. Healthy items are also ideal to provide the right kind of energy during active camping trips.

First Aid Kit

When outdoors and away from home, it is essential that people have the necessary items that will enable them to provide first aid. Camping trips often result in a number of minor injuries from scrapes and burns to sprains. Kits that are pre-filled with necessary items are available for purchase. A person may, however, choose to make their own first aid kit. Important items include, but are not limited to, bandages and dressings, topical antibiotic creams, soothing eye drops, aspirin, antihistamines, gloves, cotton swabs, scissors, tweezers, and a thermometer.

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